Gain valuable leadership experience, lifelong friendships, and some pretty sweet tan lines.

Join us next summer!

We’re looking for current students
who match the following criteria:


Makes an Impact

You want to impact the lives of young people for the sake of Jesus.

Loves Adventure

Your sandal straps are always ready for adventure mode.


Breaks a Sweat

You agree that sweat is just nature’s glow-up filter.


Values Experience

You realize how good “Engineered and executed large group engagement initiatives” looks on a resume.


Does it for the Kids

You’ll do, act out, eat, or play anything if it’s FTK…FOR THE KIDS!


We know face-to-face interactions and relationships are becoming increasingly superficial.

At T Bar M Camps, we aim to provide a fun, immersive camp experience where meaningful connections are made to each other, to our campers, and most importantly, to Jesus. We point others to Him and encourage them to go all-out in pursuing the relationship. That’s why we call ourselves camp coaches, not camp counselors.

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